List of therapists

Neurofeedback is performed at the Neuroacademy by the following people: 

  • Mag. bakk. sci. pth. Khashayar PAZOOKI
  • M.Sc. Jördis Graf
  • Diane Schaefers


A la Neuroacademy, the therapists and praticioners trained and accredited for neurofeedback:

(Accréditation par la  Neuroacademy et ISNR - International Society of Neuroeedback & Research) 


Supervisors & trainers:

Mag. bakk. sci. pth. Khashayar PAZOOKI (Head of Neuroacademy)



M.Sc. Jördis Graf (Neuropsychologist)



Diane Schaefers (Graduate Educator)

Dr. Tuyet Nhung Wach-Bui

Thierry Wach (Psychotherapist)

Dr. Shiva Khalili

M.Sc. Jennifer Birchen (Neuropsychologist)


Training / without accreditation:

Mag. Heidemarie König (Psychologist)

Mag. Elfriede Harrer (Psychologist)

Dr. Maria Pflegerl (Psychotherapist)

Philipp Österreicher

Michael Kiss 

Sonja Huemer 



Manuela SAX

Rouane Wakim

Maria Wanat



Cynthia Biver (Psychologist)

Mireille Muller (Psychologist)

Lisa Wadepuhl (Medical Student)


Education in Cairo/Egypt for the Doctors and Professors of the University and/or University Clinic or Hospitals in Cairo and Alexandria:


Dr. Kareem Darweesh

Dr. Mostafa Mahmoud Elkholy

Prof. Dr. Tarek elsayed ismail omar

Dr. Islam Yousry Abdel Moneim Gouda

Dr. Hossam Ashour Hussien Dhorgham

Dr. Ismail Sadek

Dr. Rehab hassan elanwar

‏‪Dr. Marwa Saeed Abd El Maksoud

Dr. Haytham Mouhammad Hussein

Dr. Khaled Mohamed Abdullah

Dr. Hanan hosny soliman

Dr. Osama Ragaa Abdelraouf

Dr. Maha Ali Nada

Dr. Samir Mohammed Moneer

Dr. Sherine Shalaby

Dr. Amr Othman

Dr. Abd Elrahim abd Rabou