Here is a selection of freely available diploma and doctoral theses on the subject of Neurofeedback:


1.  Attention and Neurofeedback

 Dissertation: Thomas Fuchs, 1999


2. ADHD and Neurofeedback

Dissertation: Ulrike Leins, 2004


3. EEG coherence (English)

Dissertation: Jon Alan Frederick, 2001


4. Tinnitus and Neurofeedback

Dissertation: Katalin Dohrmann, 2007


5. Comparisons of Neurofeedback and Biofeedback

Dissertation: Ali Reza Bakhshayesh, 2007


6. Slow cortical potential Neurofeedback

Dissertation: Nicola Andrea Hull, 2006


7. ADHD Neurofeedback Review

Holtmann und Stadler, 2006


8.Neurofeedback in later life

Angelakis et al., 2007


9. Neurofeedback and addiction

Trudeau 2008